SOTERIA/ ART4 Museum / 2018 

Dew Point/ Jewish Museum / 2018 

Genesis 2:18/ DKGromov /  2018 (together with Janna Nagoryanskaya) 

WORLD IN FLUX / Anna Nova Gallery /  2017


ARCAM / The ESSENCE / Lamo Leh / India 2017

"Weakening of a sing" Luda Gallery /  together with Ivan Karpov



Parallel programs. Biennale of Young Art

V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art ,2016


"Metanoia", Luda Gallery, Stocholm, 2016


"Strong Wind", Loft Project Etagi, 2016

"Answers" Erarta Museum, 2015

"DAY ONE", Nepokarennie 17, 2015

"Mustard seed", Anna Nova Gallery, 2014


"Descending", Saint Anna Church, 2014

together with Oleg Kuptcov


"Sheba", Bobby Gallery, 2014

"Plasma", Erarta Museum, 2014


"Reconstructor", Anna Nova Gallery, 2013

1 Metanoia

Metanoia 2016 (Greek μετάνοια, "changing one's mind") Looking our mysterious surroundings in the eye, remaining alone, sensing reality in eternity, halted reality. Through frozen in print, fragility and links, through colour and inversion to the symbol, to anonymous consciousness and back to the beating of your own heart. The process of finding out, of identity with everything, putting your own consciousness through the deconstruction of its chimera, of stereotypes of social programmes to the ac